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As every one of us know that breakfast is something which is normally followed after a long period of fasting during sleep, and so our blood sugar levels will be at rock bottom. However, it is important to have breakfast in the morning to break this fast. One should always have a sustaining breakfast if you don’t want to have a substantial one. Rather than eating on the run, sit properly and make enough time to have your breakfast.  And if we follow this it helps us to reduce stress levels and also give a feeling of control.  A balanced breakfast should always contain about 25% of your daily calorie intake, a mix of starchy carbohydrates, sugars and fibre and a small amount of fat, a reasonable amount of protein and most importantly some calcium.

Always make your breakfast rich with fruit juice or fresh fruit, cereals and good quality protein are an excellent choice. Including fruits or fruit juice will help to count as one serving of fruit and provides vitamin C and minerals.  If an individual is not comfortable having citrus fruits or juices early morning can skip it and try some other fruit. Cereals are rich in carbohydrates, fibres and vitamin B, whereas milk on it provides calcium and proteins as well. Oats in cereals are loaded with soluble fibre, which will help lower bad LDL blood cholesterol.

Some of the tips to follow while having breakfast :-

1.While having cereals one can have kiwi or strawberries or banana by slicing over it or by adding a chopped apricot, some raisins.

2. If you skip carbohydrates during breakfast then you need to make up the deficit in other meals during day.

3. As we said breakfast should be rich with calcium, try to include yogurt by sprinkling some sunflower seeds or chopped dried fruits over it as it will provide a third part of your daily requirement and useful amount of protein.

4. Nuts and seeds also provide essential fatty acids.

5. If one wants to go light on breakfast can try a bowl of salad made up of fresh or dried fruits or a mixture of this topped with dollop of yogurt and some nuts. As they are rich in vitamins.

6. The fruit you consume will raise your blood sugar but you will need to boost your energy with a mid-morning starchy snack.

7. If someone is obsessed with protein packed breakfast can try out the continental habitat of having a slice of cheese or ham or eggs with tomato and a hunk of bread.

8. There are many other options like boiled or poach egg if you are not will to add extra fats to your breakfast.

9. Always try to have staple and naturally cultivated food and which is rich with essential nutrients that we need in our daily routine.  

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