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Herbs in medicine have been used for health treatments since ancient times. One of this herbs locally known as GANJA. Let’s shed some light on this Herb.

Several legal products derived from cannabis like CBD oils help in reduction in muscular spasms, and efficient muscle recovery. Cannabis and cannabis products are generally avoided before performing any workout, but it has found to be useful to use it for muscle recovery.


Reduction in inflammation – muscle sores and aches are often due to inflammation.

Post-exercise soreness of muscles and pain is the most common complaint. Cannabis can help in the reduction of inflammation, which helps in faster recovery and fast healing.Reduction in muscle spasm by inducing relaxation Induces relaxation effects and sound sleep


In some states, the use of cannabis as marijuana is still not recognized legal. Athletes using these products for muscle recovery might get charged due to their legal status.

Drug interaction of cannabis with other medicines as metabolizing medications can occur, which in turn can cause loss of effectiveness or reduction in the effectiveness of these medicines.

In some cases, the effect of cannabis is still unclear as to if the impact caused by cannabis is actual in muscle recovery, or it is just that an individual feel good after the consumption of these products.


Cannabis may have a significant role in muscle recovery. Various clinical studies have reported the clinical significance of cannabis in muscle recovery.

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