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Are cannabis as bad as they are imagined? Are cannabis & weight loss related? Read on to know more. 

A study conducted on animals in 2012 suggested that CBD helps in the reduction of appetite. Another study conducted in the year 2016 proved that CBD helps in a decrease in the percentage of white fat. Cannabis is extracted from hemp consisting of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is transformed into different products for different purposes


  • It helps in controlling the appetite and following a strict diet plan
  • It helps in improving metabolic parameters
  • No side effect as diarrhea which can be caused by some carb blocker diets for weight loss
  • It helps in reducing inflammation and relieving complications associated with cardiovascular diseases
  • It helps in the reduction of anxiety and stress-related to personal perception due to weight
  • Prevents fatal outcomes of weight-loss surgeries
  • No addictive, stimulant, and psychoactive effect


  • Lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of CBD for weight loss
  • Sometimes, it can even cause an increase in appetite
  • Cannabis can sometimes be expensive and inappropriate to use for purposes as appetite control and weight loss
  • Lethargy can be induced in individuals due to a lack of physical activity and movement
  • Anxiety and decreased metabolic rates in severe cases


Cannabis has been associated with many health benefits, and one them is fat-burning properties. Several scientific studies have revealed that CBD possesses fat-burning properties. However, specific adverse effects are associated with cannabis; therefore, it is not suitable for pregnant females.

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