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Without any kind of illness or ill effects many of us mostly cope with or thrive on certain amount of stress. Therefore if an individual is in excessive or prolonged stress can be intolerable. One cannot eliminate stress from their life, but there are ways to increase the ability to cope up with it in many ways. When the person is in stress body needs more nutrients during this condition. Mostly people don’t feel like eating in this condition or we end up eating a lot, so one should keep it in mind that they take a proper and nutritious food.

So make sure you always consume complex carbohydrates as they provide steady, slow release energy and can have a calming effect. Vitamin B also plays an important role in this condition as they release energy from the food which helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system as one feels down in this condition. However, the best way of overcoming stress induced loss of appetite is to eat small simple meals and healthy snacks. And never forget to consume small frequent meals every 3 to 4 hours as this would help to manage your hunger and don’t keep you empty stomach for a longer duration and also you won’t end up eating too much.

There are some stress busting foods as follows:-

1.Start it with a bowl of soup which is warm as it is one of the most comforting of all foods. It is simple to prepare and easy for your system to digest and it can be cooked with very few ingredients.

2.Baked potatoes, pumking also works well here.

3.Try to keep some treats handy as it can be a simple supper of grilled trout fillet and some tin new potatoes, makhana or pop corn. Avoid unhealthy and fried foods.

4.Indulge yourself in some luscious tropical fruits and vegetables and can have this in the form of snacks or as salads.

5.Mangoes, papaya, apple, citrus fruits as they are vitamin rich, sweet and elicious and you can get it easily as it is affordable.

6.Enjoy some of the refreshing smoothies or shakes including fruits like strawberries, plums, banana, chickoo and add some yogurt or milk to it.

7.These kinds of foods are easy to digest and are rich in nutrients.

8.Try to munch seeds and nuts or else use them to garnish your dishes as they give a tempting look and work as a functional food.

9.Avoid carbonated drinks or packed juices rather than opt for fresh juices without adding sugar and ice to it.

10.Drink calming herb mixed teas like lime flower, chamomile, green tea, mint tea and there are many more.

11.Try to avoid consuming excess of tea and coffee as they are high in caffeine and also make you feel dehydrated.

12.These caffeinated drinks give you a temporary stimulation to your body but indirectly they increase anxiety levels which is not good for stress.

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