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Cramp is a painful condition in which muscle spasm most often occurring in the legs that is linked with a poor circulation that allows lactic acid and other waste products to build up. Therefore, this may result from hardening and furring up of the arteries, from immobility at night during sleep, or else from lying in an awkward position that reduces blood flow to the lower limbs. Cramp can also occur after eating a heavy meal when blood is diverted away from muscles towards the gut to help the process of digestion and this is the main reason why swimming or gyming is not recommended within an hour of eating.

One has to follow some routine to avoid cramp and to help avoid cramp always drink plenty of fluids during the day that must be at least 2 litres or more if you need. However, recurrent night cramps can often be relieved by increasing intakes of calcium in the form of dairy products or sardines, vegetables, dry fruits and try to avoid supplement. Not just this but also magnesium which is found in nuts and seeds as well. Most of the time a poor circulation can be improved by eating foods rich in vitamin and minerals. Here vitamin E plays an important role. Foods that are too included to avoid cramps are omega 3 rich foods and the oily fish like sardines, mackerel, herrings and salmon. Also try to include garlic, whole grains, and avocado.

Best foods to cure muscle cramps:-

1. Banana is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium as all this minerals are necessary to relieve cramps. 

2. Avocado which is loaded with omega 3 fatty and also potassium which is higher than that in banana so it give a good result.

3. Sweet potatoes contain same properties as in banana but they also have some extra essential qualities like they are loaded with water which keeps you hydrated.

4. Musk melon and watermelon they are highly loaded with water and also contain some sodium and amino acid which help to lower the post workout pain.

5. Lentils are high in protein and also contain fibre which keeps an individual full for a longer duration and it helps to relieve cramp. It also has some amount of magnesium.

6.Milk and milk products do well post workout as they are rich in potassium, calcium and proteins which helps to cure post workout pain and muscle breakdown.

7. A citrus fruit helps to relieve the soreness of muscles as they are rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium.

8. Unsalted nuts can give ample of nutrients which are needed if consumed in small amount also, so can grab it easily.

9. Having tomato or its juice may help to relieve cramps and also help to prevent their reoccurrence.

However, muscle cramps are not the result of injury but this may be the cause of an imbalance of minerals which are ruled by the muscle contraction and relaxation or can be due to lack of fluid intake.

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