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Endurance is something which describes one’s body’s physical capability to sustain an exercise for an extended period. Basically it is made up of 2 components that are muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Whereas cardiovascular endurance is the one which works as oxygen supplier in the form of fuel through heart and lungs and on the other hand the muscular endurance gives the muscles the power to work out regularly without getting tired. Therefore this components of workout can be measured in a particular method such as cardiovascular endurance can be measured by using 1.5 mile run test and the results we get through this are later on compared to benchmarks for different age groups. Whereas there are various tests which can be done to measure muscle endurance like as one has to do maximum push up test for upper body endurance or maximum sit up test for core endurance.

Therefore one can improve their endurance by regularly doing aerobic exercise that challenges your lungs and heart. So exercising daily on regular basis helps to boost one’s energy level by giving you a peaceful sleep and also increases the blood flow throughout the body. Sometimes including stress relieving activities in our daily routine once in a week can help to relax the body and then in reverse it improves the ability of our body to handle more intense workout. For this start doing yoga and meditation as they are the simple form to relax the body. However high intensity interval training helps to improve the cardiovascular endurance not only this but more over it helps to improve the insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and also help one lose the abdominal fat. As this training is an advanced form of exercise and it is best suited for people already physically active.

Although it is been said that the different types of endurance performance can be trained in specified ways. However adaptation of exercise plans should followed through individual goals. So that it is easy to calculate the intensity of exercising capacity of an individual should be considered. Therefore the effective training starts within half of the individual’s performance capability. And that is why the performance capability is expressed by maximum heart rate. Always remember that the best results can be achieved within up to 55% to 65% of maximum heart rate. Therefore the aerobic and anaerobic exercises are further thresholds and are not to be mentioned within the extensive endurance exercises. However in general surveillance of training intensity is achieved through measuring the heart rate. It has been seen that increasing the endurance has been proven to release endorphins resulting in a positive mind. And so this kind of act of gaining endurance through physical activity has been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and stress, not only just this but has also helped in many chronic disease in total. As of now although a greater endurance can assist the cardiovascular system it does not imply that any cardiovascular disease can be guaranteed to improve.

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