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Place a pair of dumbbells, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Set yourself in a Pushup position with hands on dumbbells. Lower your body to the floor, pause, then complete 1 push up. Once you're back in the starting position, row the dumbbell on one side to the side of your chest by pulling

Grab a bench and set it to flat or a slight incline if you wish to emphasize your upper chest a bit more. Take a barbell with handles attached on a machine and lie flat. Start with them pressed together using a neutral/hammer grip (palms facing inwards). Lie back on the bench with the

Place a yoga mat down on the floor. Lie down on your back, centred on the Pilates mat. Lift your legs above your hips and then push them straight out. Form a circle with your hands and bring to the top of your head, raise your arms straight and bring them to the knee.