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As we all know now a days there is a trend of organic products coming into the market. There are some shops who provide only organic products and this is because the rise in demand of such products from customers. But do you know that what does this organic mean? Therefore, this term basically refers to matter that has been formed from living things. Organic farming is the thing which relies on natural compounds from plant matter to fertilise crops. In such crops pests and diseases are controlled without the use of artificial chemicals, natural predators is encouraged and crops are timed to avoid certain pests. Not just plants but also in animals which are used for meat and dairy products cannot be given antibiotics, hormonal growth promoters or feed that contains animal protein.

Most of the time it is said that the pesticide residues in fresh fruits and vegetables are negligible and harmless and this food are safe, nobody knows the long term effects of this product. However, eating organic food is the only way of ensuring that your food is free of chemical cocktails and has not been genetically modified. It is said that people who consume organic food claim that they feel better in themselves and they enjoy taking positive steps to safeguard our future health. Therefore, the knowledge that organic farming helps to protect the environment also produces a sense of well being. It has also been proved that organic foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and several studies have indeed shown higher levels of protein, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin C in some organic vegetables and

Organically produced raw fruit and vegetables tend to do well in tasting trials. But as we all know that these organic products are expensive and there reason behind this is because organic food is produced on a smaller scale, using traditional farming practices and manual labour. Organic standards can be maintained by prohibiting the use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers; also one can prohibit genetically modified crops and ingredients, and most importantly try to promote wildlife conservation and natural enhancement of soil fertility. So the organic food includes not only just fruits and vegetables but it also contains dry goods such as cereals and pulses, wine from the grapes which is produced by organic methods, and meat and dairy products produced from animals which have been reared on a diet free from hormones, additives and antibiotics. There is a lot of fear about adulterated produce and the effects of intensive farming on the environment have led to the increasing popularity of organic foods.

Some precautions needed when selecting organic foods:-

1.Always look for the symbol that guarantees the product has met the stringent organic guidelines.

2.Keep in mind to wash fruits and vegetables before using them.

3.To avoid rancidness do not keep them stored for more than few weeks.

4.Always remember to follow strict guidelines when canning or bottling produced organic products.

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