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It is never too late to stop smoking, but usually a tobacco addiction is one of the most difficult habits to overcome. Smoking is a habit with serious health consequences, though it is not considered an illness. However, within minutes of lighting a cigarette, pipe or cigar, a smoker’s blood pressure and pulse rate rise and oxygen levels drop. Therefore, after a few months of smoking, symptoms such as a cough, fatigue, sinus congestion or shortness of breath, can appear.  In some of the cases the long term, smoking can lead to cancer, chronic lung disorders, heart disease and stroke. Despite the well documented risks to health, millions of people continue to smoke because smoking is an extremely powerful addiction. Not only does the addictive drug in tobacco where as nicotine cause physical effects throughout the body, but it also travels almost directly to the brain, where it temporarily lifts the spirits and soothes anxiety. Social rituals associated with lighting a cigarette can also be calming. So giving up smoking cause’s nicotine levels to drop, and this result in jittery feelings and a range of physical complaints.

If an individual is trying to give up smoking there are various supplements that may help to soothe frayed nerves and powerful cravings. They can be used over a period of weeks or months, and all can be taken with other stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches or gum. The stress of giving up smoking increases the body’s need for the vitamin B pantothenic acid. The things which are caused due to smoking are persistent cough or recurring bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia, hoarseness, sore throat, bad breath and yellowed teeth, premature greying, balding and wrinkling of the skin, in some cases men have impotence. Things caused by giving up smoking are anxiety, depression, craving for cigarettes, compulsive eating, nervousness and irritability, drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, a productive cough and constipation.

# What else you can do to quit smoking or control it:-

Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and nuts to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the body.

Choose green leafy vegetables, carrots, berried fruits mostly bilberries and blue berries and any kind of nuts, which all help to protect against cancer and the deterioration of the eyes.

Consider nicotine gums or patches, the prescription anti depressant drug bupropion, acupuncture or hypnosis, which can all reduce cravings.

Exercise to cut down on stress.

A brisk walk can also help to overcome an intense craving, which usually lasts only a few minutes.

Researchers have long known that drinkers tend to smoke more than non drinkers, and that drinking often serves as a social cue to smoke. American study shows that, in smokers, alcohol can actually increase the craving to smoke. The journal of the national cancer institute reports that people who give up smoking for longer than three months are much less likely to relapse than those who give up for a shorter time and another reason to use supplements and other strategies to bridge the gap.

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