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Position a bar in a rack to about waist height. You can also use a smith machine. Take a wider than shoulder width grip on the bar and position yourself hanging underneath the bar. Your body should be straight with your heels on the ground with your arms fully extended. This will be your

Get in the standard Pushup position with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Place one hand on the ground directly beneath your chest and the other behind your lower back. Straighten your legs behind you, spread them wide, and point your toes into the ground. Keeping your core tight, "screw" the palm of your planted

Stand up straight while holding an EZ curl bar at the wide outer handle. The palms of your hands should be facing forward and slightly tilted inward due to the shape of the bar. Keep your elbows close to your torso. This will be your starting position. Now, while keeping your upper arms stationary,

Grasp a dumbbell in each hand with a pronated (palms forward) grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. The dumbbells should be resting on top of your thighs. Your arms should be extended with a slight bend at the elbows and your back should be straight. This will be your starting position. Use