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  • Load your pushing sled with the desired weight.
  • Take an athletic posture, leaning into the sled with your arms fully extended, grasping the handles.
  • Push the sled as fast as possible, focusing on extending your hips and knees to strengthen your posterior chain.

  • Stand in front of a low pulley facing forward with one leg next to the pulley and the other one away.
  • Attach the ankle cuff to the cable and also to the ankle of the leg that is next to the pulley.
  • Now step out and away from the stack with a wide stance and grasp the bar of the pulley
  • Stand on the foot that does not have the ankle cuff (the far foot) and allow the leg with the cuff to be pulled towards the low pulley. This will be your starting position.
  • Now perform the movement by moving the leg with the ankle cuff in front of the far leg by using the inner thighs to abduct the hip. Breathe out during this portion of the movement.
  • Slowly return to the starting position as you breathe in.
  • Repeat

  • Sit on seat with arm pads apart to sides.
  • Slide arm pads closer together to sides of chest.
  • Grasp handles and place back of upper arms on padding.
  • Push lever down until arms are fully extended. Return until forearms contact upper arms.
  • Repeat.

  • Sit on seat and lift one leg onto padded lever.
  • Lean back onto back pad. Grasp handles attached to leg levers.
  • Push handles together and raise other leg onto another padded lever.
  • Release leg lever handles and grasp other handles to each side.
  • Move legs together until leg levers make contact.
  • Allow legs to separate far apart until slight stretch and repeat