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The benefits of moderate drinking increase, many people may ignore the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol slows reaction time and disrupts orientation, so operating machinery; driving or crossing a road can be dangerous. Therefore, but many people drink regularly without suffering too greatly from drunkenness and assume that their drinking is not harmful. However, if you regularly drink substantial amounts of alcohol, therefore, you may permanently damage your liver, heart and brain, and may be increasing your risk of falling prey to certain cancers. Such fatal conditions as cirrhosis of the liver are directly related to alcohol consumption. Aside from its devastating long term effects, alcohol immediately begins to attack several of the body’s systems and although real damage requires persistent alcohol abuse, the effects of a hangover can be alarming.

The best remedy to cure this first step after diagnosis of any alcohol related health problem should be to stop drinking. Heavy alcohol consumption gradually destroys the brain cells, and can result in depression, memory loss and intellectual deterioration which lead to depression. Mouth and throat cancer is caused due to high levels of alcohol intake increase the risk of cancers. Persistent and excessive consumption may lead to fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Heavy drinkers may suffer from digestive tract diseases, such as gastritis, pancreatitis and cancer of the upper digestive tract. Malnutrition, common among alcoholics, disturbs nerve functioning, causing symptoms such as cramps and numbness. Heavy drinkers are more susceptible to coronary heart disease and high blood pressure and are more likely to suffer a stroke.

However, the amount of alcohol consumed in the body may be considered safe depends on such things as weight, age, diet, genetics and illnesses suffered, but women in general should drink less alcohol than men. The reason is not just that women tend to have smaller frames proportionally, but also that their bodies contain more fat, in which alcohol will not dissolve. This is because women have less water in their bodies than men, their alcohol intakes do not become as diluted. However, drinking alcohol may help you to relax, but too much can affect your nervous system.

#To remain in control, follow some of these do’s and don’ts:-

1. Sip the drink slowly and develop the habit of putting your glass down between sipsDrink water and wine alternately.

2. Know your limit and stick to it.

3. Give yourself a break from alcohol few weeks or days.

4. Keep yourself away and try to involve in drinking rounds.

5. Never mix your drinks.

6. Do not drink alcohol to quench a thirst but try to use water for that.

7. Do not instinctively refill your glass when it is empty.

8. Stay in control.

9. Always make sure you have something to eat before you have a drink and while you drink.

10. Recent research has shown that the body may need naturally occurring chemicals called antioxidants to stay healthy, it contains polyphenols, potent sources of antioxidants.

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